LLC “” is one of the foremost information and consulting companies for attracting investment in renewable energy in Russia and its neighboring countries.
Primary business activities include consulting, government relations and services to promote products on the Russian market.

The company provides comprehensive services to customers, implementing projects in the field of renewable energy, energy conservation and efficiency including in particular:
• Services for project information and analytical support.
• Services for the preparation of analytical reports on the development of renewable energy, the oil and gas industry and energy efficiency.

Analytical research clientele of AEnergy include:
• International companies interested in project realization of RER usage on Russian territory as well as that of other CIS countries.
• Russian companies that plan to reduce energy usage by using RER energy saving solutions and self-generation.
• Executive bodies of Russian regions and CIS countries.

AEnergy’s Analytical Department specializes in the following fields:
• Analysis of resource and economic potential in the development of renewable energy fields in Russian regions.
• Market study of equipment used by RER.
• Insight into the oil and gas industry of Russia as a factor in alternative energy market development.
• Monitoring of legislation, taxation, political risks and opportunities in the sphere of alternative energy.
• Monitoring of projects being realized in the sphere of alternative energy.
• Developing programs that reduce energy consumption and promote energy efficiency in medium and large objects.

The Analytical Department prepared in excess of fifteen large research projects over the past years including:
• An Economic Value Estimation of Biogas market in Russia.
• Research projects on bio energy development potential in several regions.
• Crisis of gas and energy supplies in Russia.
• Courses of energy conservation and supply in housing projects in Russia.
• Associated petroleum gas in Russia including production profiles and perspectives of disposal.
• Concept development of eco settlements
Alternative energy of Russia 2009
• Alternative energy of Russia 2010

Service package for government dealings includes:
• Regional program development of renewable energy and energy efficiency improvement for Russian Regions and CIS countries.
• Representation for the interests of international companies in negotiations with interested governmental institutes on regional and federal levels.

For foreign companies interested in entering the Russian market, AEnergy offers representation functions in Russia and CIS.

In addition to providing consulting services, AEnergy supports the Russian website “”, which is the most visited resource on the topic of «Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency» of the Russian Internet.

Phone: +7 (495) 726-08-22